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Nearly half of all Stanford undergraduates experience life abroad to gain a deeper understanding of other perspectives and cultures. Share your memory of international study or service here.

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In 1980, playing croquet on the parterre overlooking the Thames … then going back in 2005 and being welcomed by the now-hotel with open arms and being given a grand tour, including a beautiful roof view of the parterre and Thames!

Laura Ackerman ShawClass of 1982, chair of reunion

Admission to Stanford

Feb. 18, 2016, at the stroke of midnight, 11:23 p.m. to be exact, admission letter from Stanford. With no words to express the happiness, running up and down jumping, waking up everyone; no words to express that memory. As a fresh grad student, looking forward…

Girish SridaranMS CEE, structural engineering

Water fountain walk

My wife, son and I got a map of Stanford which included the location of all fountains. We walk to almost all of them. It was a very nice walk.

Gary EllmannPalo Alto resident


I went to swim in the fountains with my friend David. It was fun!

Ian Gray McGuireVisitor kid, age 12

Entrepreneurship Conference

Stanford organizes the best gatherings across the globe. One of my favorites, participating in the entrepreneur conference. The energy and talent was simply amazing!

Sam UlloaGSE '05

Inside Out: Calypso Band with Niyah

I loved seeing the calypso band and my 3-year-old dancing and playing music … my daughter playing her harmonica and cowbell with the awesome talent.

Newsha FiroozyeStaff-Student Affairs

ConCERNing particles

This summer, I got to do physics summer research at CERN with my professor in Switzerland. From late nights analyzing test vectors to weekend trips to neighboring countries (France, Germany and even the UK), my summer was full of discovery, wonder, and breathtaking revelations, not…

Renee CaiClass of 2019

Stanford Sierra Camp

I LOVED waking up every morning to Fallen Leaf Lake, knowing that there was an AMAZING crew of 60 other Stanford students waking up at the same time, getting ready for an amazing day of camp!

Daniel CaiClass of 2019

Flash flood

A day before New Student Orientation move-in date, my best friend and I went to the river up north in Arizona. We had a blast cliff diving and swinging on ropes. When we were two miles in the forest area, a flash flood hit us,…

Erik VanClass of 2020

Issues in Liberation class

My favorite memory at Stanford was my class Religious Studies 188A, Issues in Liberation: Central America. It included a trip to Nicaragua over spring break. Learning in a small class while in the place we had done so much reading on was unforgettable.

Molly FogartyClass of 2019
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