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Do you remember your first day of classes? What did you do for Wacky Walk? Share your favorite photos or memories of a memorable milestone from your time at Stanford.

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Two generations at Stanford

My father, Matt Goldstein, ’20, was the poorest of the poor when he entered Stanford in the mid-1910s. He brought canned beans and other foods into his room from the grocery store in Palo Alto. He was one of eight children and lived on a farm…

Marion Goldstein Bar-DinClass of 1951

The Nomads

Singing at Frost as The Nomads. Singing at the San Francisco Opera House.

Bruce WillatsClass of 1956


At Ohio State for the NCAA men’s gymnastics finals, we won the championship and our win was Stanford’s 100th NCAA championship. A congratulatory banner was brought out and my five teammates who were also seniors got to sign this commemorative banner. Only two colleges had…

Alex BuscagliaClass of '11

Musical memories

Experienced great concerts at new Bing Concert Hall. WOW. Remember singing in the Memorial Church Choir in the summer of 1954 with adviser and organist Herbert Nanney.

David WallerClass of '56

Best Class Ever (R): Liquidity Preference Function

The Stanford MBA Class of 1975 was welcomed with Dean Arjay Miller’s classic greeting: “You are the best class ever.” We trademarked Best Class Ever. To justify it, we created the Liquidity Preference Function as a Friday celebration. It still exists.

Scott FeamsterMBA '75

Celebrating sobriety at Stanford

Collaborating in 2004 with Leslie Winick and Jake Wellington in Alumni Relations to offer and facilitate a Reunion Weekend program, “Celebrating Sobriety at Stanford.” Each Reunion Homecoming, fellow alumni join in this opportunity to share experiences, strength and hope about ongoing recovery from chemical or alcohol…

David Stevens HoblerClass of 1964

What are the odds?

Spontaneously fountain-hopping at 2 a.m.! It’s always a great time when you get to make your friend, who’s ready to go to bed, run across campus for the sake of a dare to jump in a fountain!

Katherine KowalskiClass of 2020

Kendall Costello and Johnson SongClass of 2020

Did first P-set

Norcliffe lounge. 12 a.m. Fun times.

Clare ZhuClass of 2020

Welcome home to Stanford!

Walking in the gorgeous sunshine on my first day at Stanford … West Coast, best coast. Glad to be here.

Carolyn SooMS&E, Class of 2018
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