Charlie Kerr

“I came to Stanford as a decathlete and javelin was just one of the ten events. I had a background as a baseball player and high school quarterback so I knew I had a decent arm. I decided to focus on it exclusively after my freshman year here. I like it because it is the ultimate test of mental soundness. The positions and movements by themselves are simple. But putting them all together, building consistency, and executing them on command is a journey that can last a lifetime. It is a sport that commands your utmost respect.”


“The most striking thing about Stanford is the people I’ve met from an incredible range of backgrounds. It’s taught me not to assume anything, and treat everyone as though they are a blank slate to you.”


“I could never recall the exact words, but my dad once said to me something along the lines of “In this earth, every piece of coal faces pressure, but only those who can take it turn to diamonds.” My father passed away this May after a tough battle with cancer. I want to spend the rest of my life working to be a diamond for my family.”

Charlie Kerr, ’16, majoring in science, technology & society, and architectural design

Charlie came to Stanford from boarding school in New Jersey and is originally from the Pittsburgh area. On-campus he lives in Griffin in the Suites.

Photographed on Angell Field during javelin practice, October 29, 2015.