Aku Ammah-Tagoe

“I came to Stanford in my early twenties, knowing that I’d spend the better part of a decade here. It’s the first place where I’ve really had to build a full life and a community for myself. So I’ve been really grateful for the people I’ve met here: friends, colleagues, and mentors who are endlessly curious, open-minded, practical, creative, and committed to making the world better through their small gestures and their life’s work. I’ve just learned a lot about how to live, here.”


“The farmers’ market is a place that brings me deep joy. I love the produce, the flowers, the sights, and the smells. But mostly I love that it’s a place to see old friends and make new ones. It’s full of serendipity.”

Aku Ammah-Tagoe, MA ’15, PhD candidate in English. She did her undergraduate work at Princeton

Photographed at the California Avenue Farmers’ Market on January 24, 2016.