Bojan Srbinovski

“Here, I’ve cultivated my feminism. A big question for me has been: How do I carry my capacity for empathy in a masculine body–a body that often feels like it was built for destruction rather than compassion?”


“Without living among women who love me as much as they challenge me, I could not have come to terms with myself had they not pushed me to try–and, to a large extent, succeed. Because of the people I’ve met here, I live my life with a more expansive sense of gender. After Stanford, I hope to continue taking my liberal education to its logical conclusion–justice.”

Bojan Srbinovski, B.A. with Honors in English, ‘16

Bojan comes from Skopje, Macedonia, and will be starting his PhD in English Literature at Cornell come fall. At Stanford, he has been editor-in-chief of the Stanford Arts Review, freshman RA in Junipero, and community manager in Kairos.

Photographed in the Kairos Pool Room, April 24, 2016.