Tina Essey Mikkelsen and Britt Mikkelsen

“I loved Stanford’s positivity, its work hard/play hard mentality and its humility, all of which helped shape my outlook on life, and all of which are the exact same values on campus today.”

Tina Essey Mikkelsen, ’84, English and Communications


“I chose Stanford not because my mother went there, but because I felt strongly that there was no other place that would give me the same experience. The resources, the opportunities, and the caliber of academics, extra-curriculars and sports is unbeatable. My mom never pressured me to apply to Stanford, but rather encouraged me to think about what I wanted, and let me choose my own path, which led me straight to Stanford.”

Britt Mikkelsen, ’18, undeclared

The Mikkelsens reside in Greenwich, Connecticut. Britt currently lives in Mirlo where her mom lived as a frosh.

At Stanford, Tina was editor of the Stanford Daily; founder of Upfront, a general interest magazine; host of a KZSU talk show; and was involved in various entrepreneurial ventures including creating and selling Stanford-related gear. She is currently the Co-President of the Stanford Club of Connecticut and Westchester; and a member of the BOSP Advisory Board, the Stanford Parents Advisory Board, the Stanford NY Arts Council Committee, and the Class of ’84 Reunion Committee.

At Stanford, Britt is a STVP (Stanford Technology Ventures Program) Student Associate; Mint Magazine Event Director; Kappa Kappa Gamma PR Chair; and Campus Ambassador for Campus Jobs, a local online job search site.

Britt’s favorite spot on campus is the Quad. “No matter how many times I walk through, I always stop and take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it is. It makes me feel extremely grateful to be at Stanford.”

Tina’s advice to Britt? “Take advantage of all the incredible friendships and opportunities Stanford has to offer, as there will never again be a time where everything is right there for the taking. Work hard, but have fun, too, which I am happy to see Britt is definitely doing!”