Clare Patrice Tandy

“One of the things I love about Stanford is the feeling of movement and energy and vibrancy that permeates campus. Even during the summer, when other schools shut down, Stanford stays alive with research and programs dedicated to a range of different ideas. I’ve seen this first hand this summer while I’ve been working on campus as a Research Assistant at CESTA, on the CyberText Technologies project. We’ve been studying technology trends from cuneiform tablets to digital technology and everything in between, working physically alongside other Digital Humanities projects and programs .That sense of energy permeates everything we do at CESTA – but it’s not just energy, it’s a genuine interest in learning about what everyone is working on.”


“And this goes beyond the lab, beyond the classroom, to a place on campus I love – Meyer Green. Its park-like atmosphere provides a backdrop for the vibrancy that comes from relishing the beautiful campus we call home—where we can sunbathe on the grass or splash in the fountain outside Green. It’s a place where we can connect, talk over a tricky CS assignment, listen to a jazz concert or just sit and have lunch with friends.”


Clare Patrice Tandy, ’19

Clare grew up in the Bay Area–Los Altos and more recently Portola Valley. She went to school at Castilleja in Palo Alto. She works at the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis at Stanford, is in Chi Omega, and looks forward to getting involved in more on-campus groups during her upcoming sophomore year.

Photographed on August 20, 2016 at Meyer Green (formerly Meyer Library).