Dan Klein

“From res ed, to student theater, to the d.school, there is a creative explosion at Stanford, driven by empathy, teamwork and immersive sensory experiences. Whenever I need inspiration, I walk into the d.school, and know that I will run into the exact person or idea that I am missing.”


“Stanford has the most amazing combination of excellence and compassion. Everyone is driven to succeed, but to look out for each other, too.  I’ve found this to be true in every department and program at the university.”


“When I was a student, my improv teacher and mentor, Patricia Ryan Madson once said, “It might be true that the reason we are here on this earth is to take care of each other.” That works for me. To do my part, in class, onstage and in the dorms, I’m trying to shift people’s relationship to failure. My purpose in life may be to teach high achievers to shoot for average and fail cheerfully.”

Dan Klein, ’90, Human Biology, is a Lecturer, Theater and Performance Studies, a Lecturer of Management at the Graduate School of Business, an Instructor at the d.school, and a Resident Fellow in West Lag. He grew up in LA and Great Falls, MT, and is a huge sports fan. He loves stories of all kinds: fiction, personal stories, epic tales, immersive media and narrative television, especially watching drama with his wife and comedy with their 16-year old son.

Photographed at the d.school on July 1, 2016.