Dave Evans

“In 2007, at the invitation of Bill Burnett, Executive Director of the Stanford Design Program, Stanford radically changed my life and secured what has become my 4th career as a life design educator. That role didn’t exist until we designed and invented it. With the impact we’ve had teaching “Designing Your Life,” we’ve had the great privilege of doing good and new work providing effective support to students as they launch into the world. Making a difference in the lives of people who will make a difference in the world has been incredible.”


“I always take my office hours appointments with students on the Tresidder patio, weather permitting. I must have had over a thousand conversations on that patio in the last decade and every single one of them was with a singularly unique student who was sincerely seeking how to spend his or her life. Being invited into the sanctity of that conversation is a great privilege – and a humbling responsibility. I am endlessly grateful to my students for the gift of their honest stories. Tresidder patio is also a fabulous spot for happy accidents. I bump into current and former students there all the time and nothing is quite so sweet as to be sitting there and suddenly hear, “Hey Dave!!” hailed from somewhere nearby. I just love it.”

Dave Evans, ’75, MS ’76, Mechanical Engineering; Adjunct Lecturer, Product Design Program; Co-Director of the Life Design Lab, Stanford Design Program

Photographed at the Alumni Center, January 12, 2016.