Jacqueline Yau

“One of my favorite places anywhere is the Stanford Dish. I love tromping all over the undulating hills, green during the winter and golden brown in the summer. Hiking with friends or family (especially with my mom who lives in Palo Alto), I’ve dissected many a dilemma and celebrated quite a few milestones while huffing and puffing uphill or stopping for shade under the outstretched arms of an oak tree to discover how far I could see. Sometimes I could spot the San Francisco skyline or the fiery glow of the afternoon sun lighting up the East Bay windows. Every time I’ve walked onto the path, a kaleidoscope of fond memories flickered by: RA gatherings, dorm hall photos, picnics, holiday walks; exploring the Dish at dawn, at dusk, at night, before there was a gate and posted hours. Although I don’t live at Stanford anymore, I still try to go and get my Dish fix whenever I get the chance.”

Jacqueline Yau, ’91, Human Biology

Jackie is a marketing consultant, facilitator and travel writer, and Class of ‘91 Reunion Co-Chair. She lives in Petaluma, CA.

Jackie’s husband Michael Shapiro is a Berkeley alum and travel writer. She crossed over to the other side for love and adventure. Living in a “house divided” during Big Game week adds spice to their lives. Despite his Cal affiliation, he joined her in supporting the Cardinal at the Rose Bowl in 2014.
Photographed near the Dish on February 10, 2016.