Jean Galt Coblentz

“I have so many incredible memories! One regards my first job in college. I worked with Mrs. David Starr Jordan, widow of the first president of Stanford, and then later worked as a babysitter for the grandchildren of the wife of the second president, Mrs. John Casper Branner. Believe it or not, I have met the wife of every Stanford president!”


“Cookies, or opportunities, come unexpectedly, not necessarily when you’re looking for them. My service to/employment at Stanford was a major ‘cookie’…the experience showed me that I get back more than I feel I give to Stanford. By keeping me involved as a volunteer, Stanford has helped me stay busy and current to this day. Stanford has not let go of me, and at age 90, I have not let go of Stanford.”

Jean Galt Coblentz, ‘47, Business, minor in Psychology

The daughter of medical missionaries, Jean was home-schooled in China as a child, and attended high school in Manteca, CA. She is still active with Stanford Associates as an emeritus member of the Board of Governors. She also remains active on the board of Cap & Gown, and often wears the lapel pins she has on in the photograph: a ruby-studded “S” for 40 years of volunteer service to Stanford, a Stanford Centennial pin, her Class of ’47 pin, and a Stanford Associates pin. Jean was an employee of the Stanford Office of Development for over 20 years, where she got the Parents Program up and running.

Jean’s favorite quote is, “Take your cookies when they’re passed.” It’s also the title of her memoir. She currently lives in Sunnyvale, CA.