Jelani Munroe

“I remember hearing Talisman for the first time at FACES during NSO; I don’t remember what I felt, but I remember feeling intensely… I had never quite had that from live music before. I spent freshman year fawning over the group, and I vowed if I got the courage to sing publicly I would audition the next year.

Somehow I am now Director – a catch-all for wearing 100 hats. But even amidst the stress of planning our tour to South Africa in March, rehearsal is my favorite time with the group. I challenge each member to become better storytellers with their singing, and they all challenge me to find new ways for us to reach that goal. Rehearsal reminds me that excellence is a process, and often a struggle. I think bringing that to each song is the best way we can honor the communities they originated from.”

Jelani Munroe, ’16, Economics and Public Policy, from Kingston, Jamaica

Photographed at Talisman practice in Branner Hall on January 24, 2016.