Jiya Janowitz

“What excites me about Stanford is exploration, of everything from my own major to new interests to the campus itself, including right here where this picture is being taken. Stanford’s open schedule format lets me take whatever classes interest me, whether I want to learn more about a subject I’m familiar with or discover something very new. Stanford’s close connection with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory made it possible for me to experience working in a national laboratory over the summer and through my sophomore year. I even have the opportunity to study abroad in Australia for the fall quarter of my sophomore year, somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years.”


“I’m not sure what Stanford has fundamentally changed about me, but I can certainly say that it has made me even more confident about pursuing what interests me, which is something I am very grateful for.”

Jiya Janowitz, ’19, double majoring in Physics and Material Sciences & Engineering

Jiya grew up in Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains, and his primary campus activity is Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing).

Photographed on the roof of the Varian Physics Building on August 18, 2016.