Joyce Ohgi

“I chose to be photographed by the fountain outside of Green Library because I remember sunlit, peaceful moments here. It’s inevitable and good, as an undergrad, to dive into the beautiful, busy current of stimulating and rewarding activities offered at Stanford, but it’s also good to take moments just to be: to soak in the beauty of campus, the warm sunshine, the soothing rush of water, and let your mind rest a while.”


“My advice for incoming freshmen? The relationships I built, and the people I met while at Stanford have mattered the most to me. Part of that is being vulnerable; not your best, most polished self, but your real self. Don’t fall prey to the Stanford Duck myth, where everyone appears to be gliding effortlessly across campus, no one showing their little feet paddling frantically below the surface.”

Joyce Ohgi, ‘02, Symbolic Systems (Human-Computer Interaction concentration)

Joyce is currently living in San Francisco and taking a break from tech after 13 years as a user researcher at Oracle, or in other words, “brazenly funemployed”.

Photographed in front of the Green Library fountain on July 23, 2016.