Kathryn Ann Moler

“I chose to be photographed walking through the oak grove near the Oval because it renews me when I enter and leave campus.”


“Most mornings, I get some work done on the train, and then I walk down Palm Drive. When I get to the oak grove, and I’m almost at my office or lab, I let time slow down a little bit. The trees, the earth, the birds, and the other people who choose to walk this way all remind me of the connectedness of everything.”

Kathryn Ann “Kam” Moler, ’88, PhD ’95, Professor of Applied Physics and Physics; outgoing Director of Stanford Nano Shared Facilities, incoming Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences

Kam was born in Michigan and has lived in New Mexico, New Hampshire and Princeton, New Jersey. Her extended family is from Utah. She currently lives with her family in Hillsborough, in the house that her husband grew up in.

Photographed in the West Oval Grove on August 18, 2016.