Kimberly Hall

“Being from Hawaii, I am in many ways a home-body… Hawaii will always be near and dear to my heart and I will always have a home there, but I also honestly never thought that I could feel as comfortable somewhere else. Stanford made me feel right at home, right from the get-go. There were obviously challenges, whether it be the difficult classes, long practice hours, or the colder-than-I’m-used-to weather, I still felt very much at home.”


“As a member of the Stanford Women’s Water Polo team when I was an undergrad, I spent a huge part of my Stanford career at the Avery Aquatic Center. 20+ hours a week for 4 years were spent on the deck and in the water of that complex, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I made lifelong friendships there and got to proudly represent my school there. And, though I am biased, it’s probably one of the more beautiful facilities on campus, and one of the best aquatic complexes in the country—not a bad place to spend a lot of my time.”

Kimberly Hall, ’11, Biology

Kimberly is from Kaneohe, HI. She currently lives in Palo Alto. She is a Resident in Orthopedics at Stanford Hospital. Kim’s favorite Stanford memory is winning the NCAAs with her water polo team her senior year.

If she could change one thing about Stanford? “I would make the hill up to KA and Narnia less steep.”

Photographed at Avery Aquatics Center on February 27, 2016.