Lora Webb

“I chose to be photographed on the roof of McMurtry, because it’s the place in which I spend the most time. It is a home for me. It is where I am most likely to run into and speak with the people who have and will shape my scholarship and experience of Stanford most fundamentally. Whether through a conversation with my advisor or a nerf gun fight on the lawn beside the building, I always feel love, support, and friendship there. I have worked hard there and I have had fun there, and that is what makes it one of my favorite places on campus.”

Lora Webb, Art History, PhD Student

Originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma, Lora did her undergraduate work at Oklahoma State University. Before coming to Stanford, she received her Masters from Tufts.

Photographed on February 21, 2016 on the roof of The McMurtry Building, the new home of Art & Art History at Stanford.