Nikhil Ramnarayan

“It was freshman year during NSO (New Student Orientation). None of us really knew each other. I saw this guy in his room and he was playing music. He was a DJ, a producer. He had his room all set up, including stars he had projected onto the ceiling. I went and got my cello, and he asked, “Hey, do you want to play?” I started playing and he started to make beats and do this big light show. I closed my eyes and started playing and getting really into the music. When I opened my eyes, half the dorm was in his room. It’s one of my favorite and earliest memories here at Stanford. It was one of those moments where I thought, “Yes, this is the place that I need to be.”

Nikhil Ramnarayan, ’16

Hometown: Mequon, Wisconsin

Major: Human Biology and Music

Stanford Activities: Camp Kesem, Tour Guiding, Stanford Symphony Orchestra, Stanford Club Tennis, Senior Class Presidents

Photographed at the Law School, October 11, 2015.