Osvaldo Jimenez

“My favorite memory at Stanford was at the end of a fraternity party one night that I had just finished DJing. I was packing up, and a student of mine whom I was teaching in a CS class that quarter realized that I had just DJ’ed this party. The look of shock on his face was priceless. After the initial shock had faded, he went on to ask me about an issue he was having with an programming assignment. So at 3am in the middle of the abandoned dance floor, we started having an intellectual conversation about computer science, amidst the aftermath of the red cups on the floor and the occasional random yelling happening around us. It’s a great paradox that reminds me of Stanford.”


“What excites me about DJ’ing and teaching is the fact that I can’t be placed into one category. I can be working on lesson plans and then switch to doing song preparation for my next gig. The fact that it can’t be placed into a category I think fits with what Stanford has become too.”

Osvaldo Jimenez, ’02, Computer Science, MA ’03, Learning Design & Tech, PhD ’13, Learning Sciences & Tech Design

Osvaldo is currently an assistant professor at University of the Pacific by day, DJ by night. He grew up in the East Bay (Oakland/Alameda) and now lives in Castro Valley.

Photographed at a Stanford alumni gig in San Carlos, CA on March 31, 2016.