Rodolfo Dirzo

“I am fascinated with the amazing biological richness our planet has reached after nearly 4 billion years of evolution, and I am passionate about understanding how species interactions such as herbivory, pollination, or the movement of seeds by animals, lead to and maintain the biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems, including the services they provide to humankind. However, these interactions are increasingly being threatened by habitat destruction, species overexploitation, invasive species and climate change—and the interactions thereof. Therefore, the focus of my current research is to understand how species interactions are impacted by human activities and the consequences of these impacts for humanity.”


“Stanford’s Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, shown in this picture, is one of the several ecosystems I study, and therefore represents an extremely valuable natural laboratory to understand how life operates in natural ecosystems. In addition, enclaves of nature such as Jasper Ridge represent my best classroom!”

Rodolfo Dirzo, Bing Professor in Environmental Science, with the Biology Department, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies (2010-2016)

Born and raised near Mexico City. B.Sc., University of Morelos; M.Sc. and Ph.D., University of Wales, UK. He has been at Stanford for 10 years.

Photographed at Jasper Ridge, February 20, 2016.