Ronald Tyler

“I am excited to participate in the potentially transformative experiences of my students. Students in my clinic become fully immersed in serving people in our surrounding community. During our time together, students have the opportunity to reflect deeply on the importance of pursuing personally meaningful careers while nurturing themselves through self-care practices. The connections they make with their clients, each other and their faculty are often profoundly moving.”


“One of my favorite spots on campus is the Windhover Contemplative Center.  A space for meditation is consistent with my work in self-care for my students and for legal professionals, plus it’s just a great spot for me to retreat to!”

Ronald Tyler, Associate Professor of Law, Director of Stanford Law School Criminal Defense Clinic

Ron has been at Stanford since 2012 after 20+ years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender for the Northern District of California. A native of Cheyenne, Wyoming, he has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, and a JD from UC Berkeley. His current research focus is on self-care for law students and legal practitioners in high stress practice areas, particularly criminal defense.

Photographed teaching a class in the Neukom Building in the Law School on April 5, 2016.