Sean Means

“The rugby field and stadium is my escape on a campus that can be so busy and overwhelming. It is a testament to the community I discovered and joined my freshman year that has transformed my Stanford experience. On the field I made friends, experienced a complex game played around the world, and pushed myself to find new levels of strength and perseverance. Yet it is also a place I go at night to just think, a place where I can look at the stars and the lights of cars passing on El Camino and just escape the stress of the Stanford bubble. The rugby field is my place of peace and strength.”


“One thing that I would change about Stanford is that I would make the Stanford administration more receptive and accountable to the voices of students. While some of us students currently do not have the big check books and or connections that the donors and trustees have, we are still an important part of Stanford. Stanford should still be accountable to our concerns. For this to truly be the school of “creative minds” and “world changers” then Stanford has to keep growing not just through academic buildings and dorms but also in its understanding and interactions with the students, the “future leaders of the world.” We must have active conversations that do not just end with dialogue but actual action to better our lives and this world.”

Sean Means, ’18, undeclared

Sean lives in Branner. He is from Memphis, TN. His activities include Stanford Men’s Rugby, Axe Committee, Delta Tau Delta Violence Intervention and Prevention Chair, and Assistant Financial Manager of ASSU.

Photographed at the Stanford Rugby Field on April 24, 2016.