Tamara Gilkes

“At Stanford, I have become more confident and definitely more politically aware.”


“I’ve been surprised by the weather here. It’s beautiful almost everyday. Academically, I’ve been surprised by the amount of activities I can get involved in as a graduate student. There’s a great campus community here for graduate students.”


“I hope to always have a job that is fulfilling because I get to pursue a problem or question that excites me.”

Tamara Gilkes, Education PhD, 2018 or 2019

Grew up in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Chose Stanford to work with Anthony Antonio. “He studies diversity and higher education access and has focused on friendship development in the past, an area of particular interest for my own research.”

Her favorite place on campus? “Anywhere with a good view, like Palm Drive, the Quad, my apartment balcony.”

Other degrees: New York University, Journalism and Sociology; CUNY Lehman College, MS Education.

Photographed on her apartment balcony in Escondido Village on November 14, 2015.