Tumisang Ramarea

“This tree casts shade outside the boundary set around it. This always reminds me that while there are limitations in life, those should not limit the impact I have on each day. While I was initially drawn to this place because of the nice shade, it has served as a place of quite contemplation and a nice spot to just read a book for fun. The tree reminds me of a large tree we had in front of my home while growing up, which I always associated with my family identity because it was tiny when they first moved to the area.”


“Stanford has made me a very critical person. I like to question things and sometimes I even feel like I am overdoing it. But through this process of questioning everything, including my thoughts, it has gotten me closer to understanding who I really am and what I am about.”


Tumisang Ramarea, ’19, Mathematical and Computational Science

Tumi grew up in Kanye, Botswana, and is involved with Model United Nations and the Stanford African Students Association.

Photographed under his favorite tree in front of Littlefield Center on July 30, 2016.