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Stanford Fans at the Rose Bowl

Stanford University Archives
Stanford vs. Ohio State, 1971
Linda A. Cicero
Stanford vs. University of Iowa, 2016

The very first Rose Bowl game, America’s oldest college football bowl game, matched Stanford and Michigan in 1902. Michigan routed Stanford 49-0, prompting the football contest to be replaced with Roman-style chariot races until 1916, when football was reinstated. Since 1916, crowds gather annually in Pasadena, California, to enjoy the Rose Parade and watch football champions compete on the field. Left: Stanford fans wait for the Tournament of Roses parade in 1971, when Stanford played against the Ohio State Buckeyes and won 27-17. Right: January 1, 2016: Stanford fans support the Cardinal as the game begins. Stanford won over the Iowa Hawkeyes 45-16.