125 Stanford Stories

NO. 21

Unexpected intersections

Stanford aeronautics graduate student Ved Chirayath photographs coral reefs from below the water using a 360-degree camera. Drone aerial footage links to the close-up images to form a centimeter scale coral reef map. Credit: Dan Griffin
Art and anatomy intersect with high-tech scans of Rodin's hand sculptures. Credit: Sarah Hegmann
Lighting designer Matt Lathrop, ’16, developed a digitally operated remote control follow spot for a Stanford production last year.

Cross-disciplinary collaborations thrive at Stanford

Stanford has made interdisciplinary collaboration a cornerstone of its academic and research philosophy.

More than 40 degree programs cross departmental boundaries, and 18 interdisciplinary centers leverage faculty expertise across multiple fields to address complex research questions.

From its academic programs to the close proximity of its seven schools, Stanford’s structure brings students and professors together to share, collaborate and create.

“Unexpected Intersections” is a collection of 26 stories spotlighting this unique synergy.

In each story, a combination of disciplines advances research and discovery. A remote-controlled drone precisely maps coral reefs; a hand surgeon finds insight in the anatomy of Rodin’s sculptures; a computer science and theater student designs a digitally controlled follow spot for a campus production of Les Misérables.

Explore these stories and 23 more in the “Unexpected Intersections” feature. You can sort by topics including Music, Engineering and Environment, and discover the extraordinary range of Stanford collaboration.